Metadata Manager


This plugin helps manage the metadata associated with the current Mari project.


Execute the action from the menu. You should see the Metadata Manager window open:

Metadata Manager Preview

Below, each UI element will be described in greater detail.

Current Project

This lists the current project that is being inspected. This should be the currently open project in the Mari viewport.

Metadata View

This lists the current metadata keys and values associated with the current project. You can edit existing keys/values by simply editing the table values.

Reset to default

This will reset the project’s metadata to the values that were initially set when it was first opened.

Remove non-standard entries

All Mari projects come with some default metadata associated with them. This will remove any extraneous user-added metadata keys/values that were added to the project.


Tools regularly rely on custom metadata that are added to projects in order to store project-specific data. Using this function may cause unexpected results with those tools!

Refresh View

This refreshes the Metadata View manually, in case any values were updated and the UI failed to refresh accordingly.


Export metadata to file

This exports the current project metadata to a configuration file which can be either used as a backup snapshot of the current project’s metadata, or applied to other Mari projects.

Import metadata from file

This imports an existing configuration file which is then immediately applied to updating the current project’s metadata keys/values.